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Online consultations are available to horse owners worldwide using world class technologies to accurately quantify measurements of the hoof and symmetry of movement. Helping to give an insight into the health of the hoof and quality of gait.



Metron is a measurement software that allows for assessment of any aspect of the hoof helping to monitor progress over time and to help determine what is applied to the hoof to help maintain or provide long term soundness. 
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AI Gait Analysis available anywhere in the world

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Using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence software, we can determine if any asymmetry is present on your horse both in a straight line and on a circle. Detect issues early that cannot be seen by eye with a system that is accurate to within 2mm


Hoofbeat Gait analysis

Hoofbeat gait analysis is available in person only by using world class IMU technology to determine any abnormalities of footfall and stride patterns. This information can be used to detect issues early or as part of a rehabilitation program. See the unseen with multiple perspectives of the walk and trot gait.

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