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A revolutionary approach to hoofcare using world class technology combined with experience and tradition. 



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Providing innovative and whole horse focused solutions
to hoof related problems whether your horse is
shod, barefoot or booted.

Discover The Hoofcare Companion

horse hoof book

The Hoofcare Companion is a book documenting the life workings of Master Farrier Marc Jerram who has recorded a large number of hoof pathologies over many years. It was felt that  the successful outcomes of these shouldn’t  be kept secret and instead shared with the world to help other horses recover.

Whilst it is pleasing when horses recover from lameness, being proactive to prevent these issues occurring is best practice. The Hoofcare Companion details the methods you can apply to maintain a healthy hoof and help to prevent lameness. There are over 280 quality images to put the text into reality so that anyone who is interested in the health of the horse’s hoof can find this book useful.


The opportunity to learn more about the hoof, develop your professional skills, knowledge and techniques. Available both online and in person.


farrier education


Our equine hoof consultation  is a holistic review of the hoof and the dynamic movement of your horse using our world class hoof and gait analysis systems. There are some parts of the world where access to these are limited and we want to help your horse by providing these using remote consultation.

horse gait analysis
AI gait analysis

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